Refilling Process

If we are serious about reducing waste, we must stop excess production of new products:


REDUCE WASTE thru REUSE (Such as refilling empty ink cartridges) brings value to the environment and saves consumers money.

To Provide this REUSE benefit and maintain an efficient balance of resources that deliver the service the following outlines the Process:

A “DropBox / Pick Up Later” approach (noted below) is that efficient balance.

  • There is a DropBox drawer 1 at the front door available 24/7.
  • You drop empty cartridges off.
  • Please leave your name and phone #. (Bags are in drawer 3).
  • (Ink-jets are refilled Wed & Sat at noon until complete) 
  • Once refilled, cartridges are placed in Pick Up drawer 2
  • You will get a call or text.
  • Pick up anytime thereafter.
  • Arrange to pay later.
  • (To reuse Toner cartridges – call cell number below for details)

Thanks for your support. — Mark



Mark Tremont (owner)

206-419-1770 (cell)

REUSE is the purest form of recycling   



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