I need INK

There are 4 Reasons Ink Jet Printers stop putting ink on paper and/or cease to operate all together.

  1. Your Inkjet cartridge is OUT OF INK – This is easily fixed by inserting the appropriate type & amount of new ink.

** I Fill Inkjets can refill 95% of the empty cartridges presently used in the USA.

  1. Print Nozzles are clogged – If you know the cartridge has ink then using your printer’s clean cycle OR manually cleaning the nozzles should solve the problem.

** I Fill Inkjets can manually clean most printheads. 

** This is done at no charge, just call Mark’s cell (206-419-1770) to discuss.

  1. Microchip controls on the cartridge — Annoying printer’s messages “pop up” – Usually just hitting the OK / Continue button will allow you to print. This occurs because micro chips on the cartridge contain counters & sensors to guide you to Trash this one & Buy a new one.

** Ignore these messages, call Mark’s cell (206-419-1770) and he will diagnose the real issue. 

** I Fill Inkjets has ways to work around these chips or reset them.

  1. The Printer just stops – This may be a real issue or not. There could be a broken part, an electronics failure or clogged paper flow.  Sometimes the message gives you guidance but:

** The best solution is to call Mark’s cell (206-419-1770) to discuss options.

Also – FYI

Q. How many times can I refill a cartridge?
A. There is really no way to know definitively how many times any particular cartridge can be refilled. However, as an average you may expect a black cartridge to have a life of between 2 to 8 refills, and color 2 to 6 times.

Q. Will using a refilled, remanufactured, or compatible cartridge void my printer warranty?
A. Fortunately for the consumer, this is simply not true. By law, no company can sell a product and then force them to buy products from them to ensure their warranty remains valid. In fact, there is a law called the Magnusson-Moss Act which states that warranties cannot require “tie-in” sales.

Q. Can I also save money on laser toner cartridges from i Fill Inkjets?
A. Yes! Although we do not refill laser toner on location you can often realize significant savings on our 100% Guaranteed, remanufactured cartridges. Our toner cartridges are remanufactured in accordance with ISO9001 and STMC certified practices. For availability and pricing call the Help Desk: 518-459-5382

Q. Does i Fill Inkjets guarantee their work?
A. While absolute perfection is not possible, your satisfaction is what we strive for. Our guarantee is quite simple. If you’re not satisfied – you don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.